9th & 9th Street Festival and Provo Pride are coming up soon

Well everyone we have a couple of very exiting events coming up, Provo Pride and the 9th & 9th Street Festival. With name and gender change laws coming up in the legislature this next session it’s now than it’s ever been that law makers hear from their constituents that this process should be clear, consistent, easy, and available for everyone. Help us ensure that the legislature hears that message by joining us for one of these great events this Saturday. We hope to see you there.



September 2015 Events

Upcoming Events for September 2015

Hello everyone,

Provo Pride is coming soon and it’s an exciting year for this event. We feel confident the crowds will even bigger than last year. Not only that but the 9th & 9th Street Festival is happening on the exact same day, September 19th.

While these events are certainly exciting, what’s not so exciting is that throughout our state transgender people are still denied services just for being who they are. And even worse, it’s still legal to do so. This status quot is not acceptable and we’re working to change it. We know that many in leadership here in Utah refuse to believe that this problem exists at all, and that’s why we’ll be at both events getting folks to fill out surveys letting us know about their experience with discrimination.

Come volunteer with us at one of these great events and be an important part of making the difference between winning and losing for transgender people all over Utah.

To volunteer with us for the 9th & 9th Street Festival fill out the form in the link below.

To volunteer with us for Provo Pride fill out the form below.