Hate Crimes bill passes in the Utah Legislature

With the legislative session ending tomorrow we have at least some good news, SB103, a bill we’ve talked about before aimed at fixing our state’s broken hate crimes law, finally passed the out the house with 64 votes in favor and only 9 against. It is almost certain to be signed into law at this point. We originally endorsed the first effort to pass this in 2016 when then Senator Urqhart first ran a bill on this issue.

This an important step forward for our state. We want to thank Senator Thatcher and Representative Perry for sponsoring this legislation. We’re happy to finally see a good hate crimes bill pass in Utah and to see something good for LGBTQ people in Utah come out of this legislative session.

Hate Crimes bill coming in the 2019 legislative session

The Transgender Inclusion Project supports Senator Thatcher’s hate crimes bill in its current form and is encouraging its passage the way it is, including sexual orientation and gender identity. Those who say that they would vote for the bill if it didn’t include sexual orientation or gender identity as protected attributes are signalling that they believe someone may be attacked without recourse because of who they are or who they love, many times based on misguided moral or religious beliefs.

Any Utahn should have the same rights to justice if they are specifically targeted for a crime as a result of being a member of a perceived population.

We are continuing to support and work with Senator Thatcher on this issue. Please contact your legislators, and have your friends contact their legislators to let them know that as their constituent, you expect their support of this bill.


9th & 9th Street Festival and Provo Pride are coming up soon

Well everyone we have a couple of very exiting events coming up, Provo Pride and the 9th & 9th Street Festival. With name and gender change laws coming up in the legislature this next session it’s now than it’s ever been that law makers hear from their constituents that this process should be clear, consistent, easy, and available for everyone. Help us ensure that the legislature hears that message by joining us for one of these great events this Saturday. We hope to see you there.